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Some code on this website has been modified from other sources and as such I feel the need to released it back to the world. Some code is specified as what license has to be used and some may not be. If that is the case then please use the idea of "ShareAlike".

All the below code is written in PHP and please be free to use it in your own applications.

  • Daily Mail Headline Generator - Download
  • Encheferizer (easy to use PHP class to convert English to "Swedish Chef") - Download
    This script has been mentioned all over the internet but the original website was "lost". With the aid of the website, and script, were located and preserved here.
  • Shakespeare Insult Generator. Based on the Shakespeare Insult Kit - Download

Other bits and peices from around the web.

  • NASA - "Earth as art" eBook - Download
  • NASA - "Shuttle Retrospective" eBook - Download

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

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